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The Hard Sell on Bordeaux

When the trash collectors go on strike during the summer (Candace)

Andrew has been so excited to come to Bordeaux.  He worked on a farm with a WWOOF family two years ago here, and had such an amazing experience that he has been eager to come back.  The hosts, Melanie and Tomas, treated him with such respect the last time he was here, and he became friends with their three children while they were young, so he’s eager to see how they have grown over the past two years.

He also has great memories of being in Bordeaux proper, as he shared the experience with three good friends, Nik, Caitlin and Elena, and because he was excited, I was too. We’ve been traveling for two months now, having very little interaction with anyone from home, so this chapter of our trip will be one of the only times we get to see old friends for our entire trip.

But I have to admit that I have also been a bit apprehensive about this part of the trip.  I’m looking forward to working on the farm, and to meeting our hosts.  And I have never met any spot in Europe that I didn’t like.  But the transition yesterday to Bordeaux was an awkward one for me.

My stomach was hurting all day yesterday (no, I’m not pregnant…already checked on that potential reason), and I was tired and in a foul mood for some reason. And as we walked through the streets of Bordeaux, there was trash everywhere. Apparently, there are strikes happening all over the country right now, and the trash workers in Bordeaux are on strike this week. As a result, there is rotting trash and food scraps and broken glass everywhere. Not the most welcoming of scenes.

And as we walked the streets of Bordeaux, I felt like I was letting Andrew down. I knew that he wanted to show me everything and walk everywhere, but I wasn’t feeling it. And as I saw the disappointment in his face, I just became more frustrated with myself. He convinced me to join him for a fabulous 10-course tasting menu, where we had four hours to talk, and, as is usually the case, I felt much much better after talking.

I want nothing but the best for Andrew, and for him to have a great experience here.  I just need to try to stay out of my own way so he can enjoy himself.