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Wow, Lisbon. I’m impressed

Discovering my new favorite city (Candace)

As we sit at the airport awaiting our flight to Bordeaux, I can’t help but reflect on the amazing time we had in Lisbon.  I have to admit that Lisbon was never on my list of places to see before I die, but it should have been.  We wouldn’t have even come if it hadn’t been for the Pride festival (the one disappointment for the whole trip), but what an amazing city Lisbon is!

From the rich history to the artistic sidewalks throughout the city to the numerous public parks to the tiles that literally light up the buildings, I have fallen in love.  Andrew and I spent the first two days of our five-day trip on the beaches of Cascais, sipping sangria and listening to live music while walking the streets of the walkable town, buying Portugese wine and indulging in a couples’ massage.  Ahhhh.

Then we’d spend our afternoons napping and our evenings walking the streets of Lisbon, exploring a Fado (traditional music of Portugal) dinner or local bars and tapas in the Bairro Alto district.  We visited the gardens at the Estufa Fria (an old quarry that has been converted into multiple city blocks of greenhouse and gardens), the ancient east exhibit at the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian (thanks for the reco, Caitlin Zaiken!), and the modern art exhibit at the Museu Berardo.  We stayed at the up and coming hotel, Lux Lisboa Park, and had the most magical apartment (along with rockstar customer service – heart cut outs all over our bed when we arrived!) at the Casa do Jasmim (shout out to Joao and Magda, our rockstar hosts!).  What more could a girl ask for?

I’ve not fallen in love with cities very often in my life.  In my early twenties, I fell for New York (until I lived there.  Man, did that change my tune), and on my thirtieth birthday, I fell in love with Florence (hence the wedding venue).  But now that I’ve met Lisbon, I think I’ve found my match.  I would love to visit again, but even more, I’d love to live here. 

I’m so happy for this chance encounter.  It’s how every good love story begins, after all.