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Yoga and Meditation, Sans Sarcasm

The difference that three years and some perspective makes (Candace)

Andrew and I took two days after our trek to relax in the calm lake town of Pokhara.  We combed all the local tourist shops and treated ourselves to some yummy meals and drinks (and air conditioning!  Man, did I miss air conditioning!)  But then we packed our bags again and set off for the Sadhana Yoga and Meditation School.

This school offers a six-day program that begins at 5:30 every morning, and, with all but one afternoon break, Manoj and Annu teach us a number of different forms of breathing exercises, meditation practices and yoga forms.  The day begins with meditation, followed by yoga (including couple’s stretching), breakfast, breathing exercises and nasal cleansing (complete with neti pot), meditation, lunch, karma yoga, nature walk, chanting, and candle light meditation, closing at 9pm.  And we decided to take on the additional challenge of a three-day gastro-intestinal cleanse to boot.

Should be quite the journey.

But this journey isn’t new to me.  I came to Sadhana when I was here three years ago, following the Poon Hill trek.  And it was at Sadhana that I had the vision to move to San Diego from New York.  So Sadhana, in many ways, helped change the direction of my life.

But it is different this time.

I remember being with a much larger group last time (it was peak season), and my trekking group was less than excited about the meditation school after our tough five days on the trail.  I remember skipping a number of the classes, and being full of sarcasm when in conversation with others.  That sarcasm and complaining really took away from the point of all of this.

This time, Andrew and I are taking it seriously.  We want to learn.  We want to grow together.  And we want to take these lessons back with us so that we can practice them as a family.

When we arrived, the owner, Durga, and I talked about the great gifts I received last time I was here.  And we discussed that Andrew and I are hoping to get pregnant.  She smiled with her huge, warm smile, and embraced me with her being, energy and aura.

What better way to prepare to bring new life into the world.  I’ve already been blessed.