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An Invitation into the Home

Continuously more impressed with the women around me (Candace)

Andrew and I have been at yoga school for a couple of days now, and we just received our first birthday party invitation of our honeymoon. Our host, Durga, invited us to join her for her son’s 13th birthday party in her family home, and we’ve been so excited to attend.

We finished all of our chores and yoga classes for the day, did a quick change out of our stinky clothes, and set off for the 10-minute walk down the large hill to her home.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Durga’s parents, children and a number of other family members. The Nepali techno music started playing and before we knew it, the cake came out (they have the cake before dinner in Nepal)! They don’t blow the candles out in Nepal, and after singing the birthday song, the birthday boy cut a piece and fed every member of his family. In return, they each got to decorate his face with icing and tikka. By the end of the cake ceremony, he was completely covered, and smiling from ear to ear.

We then had a dance party, and everyone participated in some way or another.  And after a full day of yoga, I still managed to pull out a move or two;)

Finally, Durga served everyone a huge, fresh meal, complete with rice pudding and a special doughnut for the occasion.

We walked back with everyone from the school and headed to bed (since we were waking up early this morning).  And I slept better than I have in weeks.

What an honor to have been invited.  And what an honor to call Durga my friend.