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When did home become so hectic?



This has been a really uncomfortable week.  Andrew flew in on Monday to spend a few days in the office for his new job, and I was so excited for him to come to LA.  We had just gotten our keys to our new loft on Saturday, and I was buzzing with excitement in anticipation of us having this week to build our new home together.

I was a little frustrated, however, because Andrew was originally planning on flying in on Saturday, but then made the decision to come a couple of days later to save money.  In doing so, he arrived on a day when we both had to work.

I picked him up from the airport, and the second we reached our neighborhood, I had to take a three-hour call for work.  By the time I had finished my call, we were both exhausted and annoyed.  Day 1 together in our new town, and we were already consumed with outside stressors.

Andrew went into the office the next day, intending to work full days Tuesday through Friday, and then fly back out on Friday night.  When I learned this, I threw a fit.  He had a holiday party for work on Wednesday, which meant that we would only have the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday to do anything for our home, before flying out for the holidays and not coming back until Jan 1. 

Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but I have been living in LA now for over a month with no furniture or grounding.  And I just couldn’t bear the thought of coming back in January with still nothing in our house.   To his credit, and after a tense conversation, Andrew agreed to work half days on Tuesday and Wednesday, and to take Friday off.

We then went to Andrew’s work holiday party on Wednesday night, where I shared with his boss (an investor in my old company) that I’m getting back into the lending industry and planning to hire some of my old teammates from Dealstruck. This was met with a bit of hostility, and made for a very uncomfortable day in the office on Thursday for Andrew.

Nothing is going right this week.

I just feel like a balled up fist right now. I am planning to leave today to go to Boston (but we’ll see if that works, since I’m flying standby and have already been bumped off of my first flight for the day), spend the next 8 days with Andrew’s family, and then drive across the country for four days, starting on the 28th. We will land in LA on January 1st, just in time to start both of our jobs full time. And then, on January 3rd, I will begin flying to Atlanta three days per week for the foreseeable future. I’m just feeling – well – stressed out.

When did everything start moving so fast?