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The Default World Visits our Vacation

New options to consider apres honeymoon (Candace)

The strangest thing happened to us this week. Andrew has received a job offer in Los Angeles for when we return from our honeymoon, and has seriously been considering his options. The position offered would begin as a part-time gig starting September 1 (so Andrew could work from abroad), followed by a full-time engagement on January 1.

He wasn’t looking for this job. He interviewed for a position with the company back in September when he was planning his move to California, and it ultimately didn’t work out because they wanted him to live in LA and my job/company was in San Diego.

But then, on the Camino, he received a phone call from the owner of the company, essentially telling him that they’ve been looking for someone with his skillsets for the past nine months, unsuccessfully, and that they want him.  We had always, in the back of our minds, expected to move to Boston after our honeymoon, so this offer came out of left field for us.  And Andrew has been spending serious time contemplating what is best for his career and for our family.  So, understandably, he’s been on the fence.

Now fast forward to this week.  We were exploring St. Emilion the other day, wasting away our day, when Andrew got another surprise from the same guy.  He and his wife are also in France for vacation, and they invited us to join them for dinner in the Loire Valley that night.  We simply couldn’t believe the coincidence, so Andrew finally shaved his Camino beard (whew!), we agreed to join them, and had a fun evening of frank talk about soccer (the Euro Cup Finals were our dinner background), life, the world and business.

Andrew has agreed to take the part-time work (it certainly doesn’t hurt the honeymoon budget), and he now has a meaningful decision to make.