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I’m Sick

Dealing with aches and pains on the road (Candace)

We got back from the Loire Valley yesterday morning, and I started feeling like hell.  My stomach is in knots and I haven’t been able to leave the room for more than 24 hours now, and Andrew is stuck doing the work of two people in the garden.  I’m also missing family dinners and breakfasts, and we only have one full day left with this family.

I’m feeling a bit useless, and want to feel better so I can rejoin the human race. 

I’ve certainly been sick before, and even while traveling (I had a mean reaction to MSG when I visited China two years ago), but dealing with illness while traveling is tough.  The room becomes clausterphobic, and I can only lose at IPad chess so many times before I have an attack of confidence.

Fingers crossed that this is a 24-hour bug, and that I can pull my weight (albeit several pounds lighter now – the one benefit of being sick) again in the morning.