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Reconnecting with Friends from Home

Getting social again after four months of couple’s solitude (Candace)

My best friend, Brad, and old roommate, Michelle, arrived in Bali a couple of days ago, and are both staying for just over a week. We were both so excited to begin our month of having guests from home (Andrew’s friend from college, Pat, is coming next, followed by Andrew’s mom), and we’ve planned all kinds of activities for their stay, ranging from spa days to cooking classes to cliff diving to snorkeling.

We spent the first night in Kuta, but they were both beat, so everyone went to bed early. And then last night, Brad and I stayed up talking at the pool until midnight, and then were up again this morning at 5am for dolphin watching and snorkeling for his birthday. Andrew has just taken them off for an afternoon of waterfall diving and swimming, and I am sitting here in quiet contemplation, so appreciative that they are here.

It’s a strange feeling being around friends again after not having their company for several months. It is slightly stressful at times because we have gotten so accustomed to doing things on our schedule, but more than anything, we love to watch this place through the fresh eyes of our friends.

They are absolutely loving Bali, and we are loving the opportunity to plan this gift for them. We are getting so excited to come home in November, and what better way to begin our closing chapter than by introducing some of our favorite people to some of our favorite places in the world!