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A Busted Tire in Bali

Overwhelmed by kindness (Candace)

Andrew and Brad had a lot of work to do this morning, so Michelle and I decided to take the car down to Lovina Beach for lunch and shopping. Just as we made it to the beach parking lot, however, a stranger informed me that I had a flat tire. On any normal day, this would have been a stressful situation, since we two girls are in a foreign country and neither of us know how to change a tire, but instead, it was just awesome.

The man told me not to worry and directed me to move my car a bit. He and his friends then proceeded to change my tire for me, take the busted tire to a nearby mechanic, patch the tire, and place it back on my car, all while Michelle and I stopped at a nearby restaurant to have lunch by the beach.

The only thing they asked for in return was $8, which was more than reasonable, and we were back in action within 30 minutes.

I have to stop and say that I have just been amazed at the kindness I have felt from every person I have met in Bali. Everyone stops to say hello and have conversation, and people’s hearts are genuinely in the right place. I’m happy to give the Balinese people business because they genuinely deserve it, and I feel completely welcomed by the entire culture.

What an awesome way to welcome foreigners.