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It’s a Typhoon, Honey!

A rainy day in Boracay (Candace)

When we were in Ho Chi Minh City, we took a tour of the Cucci Tunnels with a crazy and hilarious tour guide, self-named Typhoon Honey. And what a fitting name that was. He wailed in laughter from 7am until 2pm and was constantly cracking jokes, many of which were completely inappropriate, and were for that reason, awesome. We’ve reminisced about him often, as the much needed comic relief from our otherwise heavy days of Vietnam War tours.

And when we woke up this morning, it was like he was right here with us again. I had a 7am conference call with the Head of HR at XPrize, where we agreed that my official start date would be October 31….that’s one week from now. And Andrew woke up and dove straight into a PPM he is actively drafting for DLI, brainstorming their social policy draft with me over breakfast.

Wait, are we on honeymoon anymore?

Suddenly, we both feel ourselves knee deep in work again. We welcome the challenge and momentum that is already building for both of our new jobs, but we find ourselves still limited by intermittent wifi and we want to still try to be fully present for our final few days of our honeymoon.

So what better way to bring us back to the present than a typhoon? Rain blowing sideways woke us up this morning, and we had breakfast outside in gale force winds. How awesome! A rainy day to sit atop a mountain and read, make love, and work (but only when the wifi is functioning).

It wouldn’t be our honeymoon without a typhoon, and we welcome the storm (both literal and figurative).