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Can We Just Do Nothing Today?

A day of transition and winding down after a flurry of activity (Candace)

After a month of living in one spot, yesterday was pretty tough on us. We thrust ourselves back into the airport adventures, which we associated with a eight-level video game:

LEVEL ONE: Offload rental car three days late (which we wrecked at least 7 times) with a scratch down the passenger side and a broken taillight. Walk away from said transaction spending no more than $50 on late fees and damages. SUCCESS.

LEVEL TWO: Make it through security with on two 12-inch machetes in our backpacks (we were checking the bags, but still). SUCCESS (not sure how safe this one makes me feel).

LEVEL THREE: Get 45 kilos worth of weight through the airport with a broken toe and onto the plane with no extra fees. SUCCESS.

LEVEL FOUR: Get through customs even though we have stayed beyond our visa. After $165 and a bit of sweet-talking the customs officer – SUCCESS.

LEVEL FIVE: Find a reasonable place to sleep for an 8-hour layover in the Kuala Lumpur airport. SUCCESS (check out the Sama Sama Express Hotel in the terminal – really comfy beds and showers for $60).

LEVEL SIX: Convince local airliner in Manila that we accidentally missed our morning flight (I actually totally misjudged when we were landing and booked us a flight that we would have never made. It took off at 9am and we landed in Manila at 12:30pm), and get on the next flight out for less than $100. SUCCESS.

LEVEL SEVEN: Take a two-hour bus ride from Kalibo to Boracay, then a boat, then a took took with a broken alternator to a hotel that sits atop a mountain. SUCCESS.

LEVEL EIGHT: Convince security at boat dock to hold the machete in Andrew's bag (when it was found) for us for when we return from the island. SUCCESS.

Twenty-four hours after leaving Bali, we landed in Boracay, Philippines, and we were exhausted. So we listened to a little Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (it always seems to make our travel woes disappear) and crashed.

BONUS LEVEL: This morning, after sleeping in, having a late breakfast at our hotel (Villa Oceana – awesome place with an ocean view upgrade) and a massage, we have decided that it is okay to do absolutely nothing today. So we are sitting on our porch, watching the storm clouds roll in (a typhoon is expected tomorrow), making love and reminiscing.

The perfect way to spend a Wednesday.

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