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What’s My Strangest Secret?

Counting down the days until we return to the default world (Candace)

I’m sitting on the patio of our one-bedroom condo at the beach in Kona on the big island of Hawaii with four days left of our amazing honeymoon. We just swam with Manta Rays and had dinner with my friend, Lenka, and her adorable two babies, but we find ourselves spending the majority of our days in our air-conditioned living room. Odd.

When Andrew and I first met at our hippie “IntimacyFest” weekend retreat, we were warned that it would be difficult to return to our “default world,” or the world where our friends and family hadn’t experienced the life changes we had. Where we might feel alone, or a bit of “Intimacy Hangover.”

Well friends, we are bracing ourselves for the hangover of a lifetime. We have had such an amazing time and have absolutely no room to complain, but we are literally in Hawaii this week, both nose deep in our computers because we are now working nearly full time. And while we are so grateful to be landing comfortably into jobs that we are super excited about, there is no better way to rip one out of the present than to begin preparing for work after being unemployed for six months.

And as we both have been working on our dream lists lately, Andrew introduced me to an old recording on “The Strangest Secret,” which essentially teaches to put your entire energy into one hope, dream, goal for a whole month. To think about it above all other things. And when we do, this dream is likely to come true.

Andrew has decided that his strangest secret for this month is to stop biting his fingernails, a noble and achievable goal. And mine was originally going to be to get pregnant. But just today I realized that we will spend nearly the entire month away from one another (I’ll be in Boston and Andrew will be in LA), and will have 3,000 miles between us when I’m ovulating. So it might make sense to pick a different goal.

So my strangest secret for November is to have a smooth transition back into my default world…my job and my new city (LA)…our new life…and then to rush back into Andrew’s arms and make a baby next month.

Wish us luck!