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The Opportunity to Miss my Love

How planned time apart makes the heart grow fonder (Candace)

Andrew and I have officially been inseparable for five months.  We have eaten together, pooped together, worked through every ailment under the sun together, shared unforgettable experiences together.  But we have, for all intents and purposes, been together.

And integrating two friends back into our life and schedule, while at the same time attempting to integrate Andrew's new work schedule, has been trying, to say the least. Wifi has been spotty, and working a few hours of work into each day of fun activities we've planned for our friends has really begun to take a toll on his energy and outlook.

So when a music festival was introduced a couple of days ago, I jumped on the chance to go with my best buddy, Brad., and give Andrew some much needed peace. After an adventure of a day (we missed our first flight, waited four hours for the next one, only to find out that we had flown to the wrong island and then needed to take a two hour cab ride and speed boat, only to find out that the music festival had been cancelled), Brad and I were able to sit on the beach at Gili Trawangan island and gush about how blessed and grateful we are.

This is our life.  This crazy adventure.  And what gifts we have been given.  

And as we sat in gratitude, my heart and mind brought me back to Andrew.  My kind, gentle, fearless prince who teaches me daily how to be loving and forgiving and true.  As I fall asleep tonight without him, I'm so appreciative of this opportunity to sit in awe of him.