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Perfect Sunsets and Local Fare

Our last night on couple’s island (Candace)

After last night’s scare, we laid low today, resting a bunch and staying around our bungalow. It rained throughout the day, so it was the perfect weather for a lazy day. Our one trip out for the day was to swim in the bay under the rain, and I went on a futile mission for new flip flops (I broke mine in the commotion of last night’s festivities). There is not a single flip flop for sale on the entire island. Can you believe that?

As sunset approached, we took a shower and a walk on the beach just in time to witness a gorgeous sunset of orange, pink and blue.  We then walked to meet our friends Gemma and Giovani for a BBQ on the beach.  A friend from last night told us it would be the event of the month on the island, so we couldn’t miss it.

For $20, we got a huge plate of surf and turf and a local beer, accompanied by the smooth sounds of DJ Rahul.  Before we knew it, all of the locals on the island (including the two-year old children) were here, dancing like maniacs to the island beats. 

Andrew was still not feeling 100%, so we headed home at around 10, but I heard the music bumping until the wee hours of the morning.  We left today to continue our journey on the island of Koh Rong, but we absolutely loved our time on Koh Rong Sanloem. 

Until we meet again, new friend!