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Liu’s Blessing

An unexpected omen at Lovina beach (Candace)

We didn’t finish at the computer store until after 12 noon today, so since we were already in town, we decided to drive to Lovina beach to have lunch before coming back to the house to work. We had a pretty crappy lunch (the Balinese DO NOT know nachos and cheese) with a beautiful view of the waves lapping in the wind, and admired the 50 or so sailboats that had anchored in the bay for the day as part of a rally they had all taken from New Zealand.

We then walked the beach and the streets nearby in search of the best deal for a dolphin-watching cruise and dive training, and Andrew took a quick dip in the water as I sat on the black-sand beach.

On our way back to the car, I stopped at a small shop to buy some water, when I was greeted by Liu. She asked where I was from, and when I mentioned that we were from the US and that we are staying on the island for a month on honeymoon, she lit up. She told me that just last night, she became a grandmother to a little girl (weighing only 3kg), and that she had a dream that I’d come to see her. She told me that I would have a baby soon, grabbed my hands, and thanked me for coming to her shop.

Now, I’m not much for omens and I don’t consider myself superstitious at all, but I have to say that it just made my day to have this encounter with Liu. Even if nothing comes of it, she truly touched my heart.