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Going Against Every Dating Rule You’ve Ever Learned

Walk ten steps, then turn around and say, “Hi!” (Candace)

We just reunited with Brad tonight after a few days up north, and as we sat having dinner at a new vegan spot in Canggu, Brad was telling us about his independent adventures over the past few days. As he got off the bus from our weekend on Gili Island, he passed a girl on the street and they caught each other’s glance. He then explained,

“I walked about ten steps, and then said, ‘I’ve got to turn around and say, ‘Hi.’”

This led to a longer and deeper conversation about how impressive this woman, Skye, was, and how she and I will likely become friends (I have yet to meet her, but she sounds awesome). And then, as we talked more about jumping and taking risks, I was reminded of how many crazy stunts I pulled when I first met Andrew. How I broke every dating rule I had ever learned.

You see, when Andrew and I first met, we were at this hippy, lovey, huggie event called “IntimacyFest” where everyone there was open to connecting and building deeper levels of intimacy. It was as weird as it sounds, which is what made it so amazing.

So, anyway, Andrew and I hit it off at this three-day event, but then, just as he was leaving, he said, “I have to go. I live in Boston.”

Wait. That just won’t work.

So, within two weeks, I had stalked him on Facebook, told him that I loved him (also via Facebook, I believe) and booked a flight to Boston, telling him that I happened to have a two-day layover there on my way from Cincinnati to San Diego (who in their right mind would believe that story!)

I say all of this to share just how crazy I could have seemed to the wrong person. These are all things our mothers and best friends tell us, quite clearly, NEVER to do when dating. And he hadn’t even asked me on a date yet!

But he wasn’t the wrong guy. And he didn’t think I was crazy. And by the end of that weekend, we knew we were meant for each other.

So I say, turn around! And say hi! And maybe even book that flight! It’s better to be a bit crazy than miss an opportunity for something amazingJ