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Farewell France!

Closing the European chapter and gearing up for new adventures (Candace)

After 80 days in Europe, Andrew and I are now sitting at the CDG airport in Paris, preparing to set off for Abu Dhabi tonight, and then for Nepal on Wednesday. This transition comes on the heels of an epic week of beautiful drives, powerful venues, and overeating. We have eaten and drank our weight this month, and France has absolutely been our most expensive month so far.

But what can I say? The food here rocks (and the wine and champagne aren’t bad either)! Nowhere else in the world can I eat mussels and foie gras and escargot with a champagne pairing…for lunch! And no one frowns upon it!

We have had a ridiculously nice and tasty time here. But we are ready for a change. We’ve both gained weight, and we are starting to feel a little, well, frivolous.

So off we go now to Nepal, where we will trek for two weeks on the Annapurna Circuit, then attend meditation school in Pokhara. We are looking forward to the exercise, the activity, and the significant drop in spend.

And we are also gaining great clarity on our path, and are excited to return home at the end of the year. To get started again. To get back to work. Andrew is feeling very good about his new work opportunity, and I’ve been inspired to re-engage with my original mission – to help female entrepreneurs – again. I haven’t really ever lost my passion for this cause, but I admittedly haven’t done much to support it in recent years, and my heart is being tugged by my mission over and over again, in the strangest of ways.

Who knows what will ultimately form by year-end, but we are both excited with the clarity we are feeling about our professional futures, and largely have this prolonged break to thank.

Finally, I’m excited to show Andrew the place that saved my life. Nepal means so very much to me, and had such a powerful impact on my life three years ago. I sincerely believe that I wouldn’t be here today, and particularly not with the love of my life, if I hadn’t trekked Nepal.

I can’t wait to share this experience with my husband, even if it means leaving the luxuries of July. And just wait for the explosion of energy and innovation we’ll both have in a few short months!