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Day 6: A day of rest…ish

Our day in our Bilbao hotel room (with a short trek to Portugalete)

Bilbao to Purtugalete

Distance: 6.34 miles

Total Ascent: 70 meters

Difficulty: 2

Calories burned: 1533

We were so exhausted after our 23-mile hike yesterday that we decided to spend today resting. We were granted late check out from our awesome NH Collection hotel, so we slept late, had a huge breakfast, slept some more and took a bubble bath.

But sitting still nearly killed Andrew, and by 2pm, we were ready to get on the road again. We decided to take things easy on ourselves, it being Sunday and all, so we just decided to hike to the next town, only 6 miles away.

We met an Italian couple along the way, Lorenzo and Laura, and when we made it to this tiny town, we found the sweetest old married couple at our Pension for tonight, the Pension La Guia. They gave us a clean, comfy room for 32 bucks, and even washed all of our laundry for us for free!

We bought a bottle of red wine for 7 Euro and stayed in, watching Dirty Dancing and reading the Golden Compass until we went to sleep.

As we drifted away for the evening, however, I realized that I’m feeling some stress about the fact that I begin my ovulation cycle in two days, and suddenly feel pressure. We had a good conversation about it, and Andrew calmed my need to deliver against a timeline.  I slept well knowing that I had a great man at my back (literally and figuratively).