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Day 28: It’s a Chamber of Commerce Day in Galicia

Taking moments to remind ourselves how blessed we are to be on this path (Candace)

Abadin to Vilalba

Distance: 12.5 miles (20.1 kilometers)

Total Ascent:  320 meters

Difficulty:  2         

Calories Burned: 3,066

We love Galicia.  It is the last province in Spain that we will hike for the Camino, and it has been breathtaking.  Now, it may be true that the weather has only been better in story books, or that we have had the absolute best luck with our accommodations (we happened upon the Pension Gloria the other night, a gift from God, where the owner, Isidro, gave us a hand-written map of his favorite places for us to stay along the route, along with phone numbers and names of the staff who spoke English), but all the same, Galicia is such an amazing way to end this tour.

Today, we couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful our hike was.  We could smell summer in the air.  And we had a short day today, so when we arrived in Vilalba, we decided to have one last splurge and stay for the night in the Torre de los Andrade, a tower from the Andrade family’s castle during the 15th century.  (A big thank you, by the way, to Mike and Donna Thornton for our castle room and to Michael Monaghan for our “estate dinner.”)

We plan to take it easy tonight, to stay up later, to sleep in tomorrow, and to have one last easy day (20 km) before our last two big days (40 km each).  We are almost there!