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Day 1 of the Camino del Norte

San Sebastian to Getaraia - 15.5 miles (Candace)

San Sebastian to Getaraia

Distance: 15.5 miles

Total Ascent: 520 meters

Difficulty Level: 5

Calories Burned: 4,088

Well, it's official folks. My dogs are barking. My feet are aching and I now have early onset of adult diaper rash.

One down - 35 to go!

We woke up this morning after a rough night's sleep (apparently Monday night is a big party night in San Sebastian-the streets were mad until 3am!) and set off for our day-long adventure.  Following yellow arrows through gorgeous pastures, seascapes and buildings that haven't been functioning for longer than the US has been a nation, we had a blast.

Andrew was such a trooper, hauling our 50+ pound pack the entire way, and with not even so much as a peep. We made friends and had lunch with a woman from Colorado, named Barbara, who showed us photos of her son's recent engagement and shared her obvious excitement about his wedding sometime next year.

I sincerely enjoyed Barbara because she wasn't on the Camino to reach Santiago.  She came last year and trekked from Irun to San Sebastian, and that was okay for her.  This year, she started in San Sebastian, and has taken two weeks to see how far her feet will take her.  It may only be to Zarautz.  It may be to Bilbao.  But that's not the point.  She's here because she just wants to walk.  I think there is much to learn from this.

Andrew and I enjoyed our time together today, and just as importantly, we enjoyed the quiet.  The silent appreciation for our surroundings.  Save a grunt here and there, we spent hours in comfortable, easy silence, and we both loved it.

We wimped out and decided to stay at and Albergue tonight, but fully intend to tent camp for the next 2-3 nights.   We plan to hike to  Ermita Del Calvario tomorrow, so please wish us luck!