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Blood is Pumping

Ready to get back in the game (Candace)

We sat in bed in our hotel suite in Dalat last night, watching The Big Short, and at 6am today I had a call with a good friend from the fin-tech media about the state of the industry.  As I sat, listening to how the big money has frozen, forcing direct lenders to sell off their portfolios at fire sales to the hedge funds, I could feel the adrenaline begin to course through my veins again.

Not more than a week or two ago, I began my job search in earnest, and am tracking two extremely interesting opportunities this week, with interviews underway.  And I can feel myself kicking back into gear again.

Damn girl, I’ve missed you.

I think it has been so good for my mind and spirit to take a much needed break, invest my heart and energy in something a bit more meaningful than work (what’s more meaningful than family, right?), and go off the grid.  In fact, I think this is an extremely healthy practice and one that everyone should engage in whenever and wherever possible.  It allows you to stop, reset, re-prioritize and determine your next path clearly.

But I have to admit – I was beginning to think I had lost it.  My passion.  My drive.  The fire in my belly.  I began feeling a bit sorry for myself because I’m not the best outdoors-woman, or the most athletic traveler.  I was beginning to feel awkward and a bit out of place.

Andrew has been awesome, supportive and loving.  He’s been fun and creative and we’ve had the most amazing adventures together.  We are having a great time (and great sex) and will have literally crossed the globe by the time we return home to vote on November 8…

Aaaand I’ve been in a personal “pity-party” funk.

I know.  Feel bad for me, right?  I mean, I just married the man of my dreams and am on the trip of a lifetime traveling to points unknown.  What first world problems I’m complaining about.

But dear Lord, I am so happy to be getting back into action again.  Who knows what will happen in the coming weeks and where I’ll land, but I’m back. 

I’m so back.