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Andrew's Drive Back to Boston

Our two weeks of solitude/family time before reuniting (Candace)

We have been running a million miles per hour for the past six weeks, with trips and events and parties, and then suddenly BOOM! Andrew's time in California came to an end. It feels like, as quickly as we packed up his truck for our cross-country drive to California, we had packed it up again to send him back home. Wow. That was fast.

In his short six months in California, we experienced nearly every major city and sight in the state, visited Mexico (twice) and Nicaragua, lived in a quiet town and a bustling beach town, lived alone and with roommates.  We stayed up all night and were in bed by 9.  We worked crazy-long days and both quit our jobs.  It is hard to believe that so much has happened already.

And we are so excited for what is to come.  The wedding plans are finalized.  Our 45 guests have booked their tickets.  We've chartered our first leg of our trip (a 42-foot yacht off the coast of Italy), and we have officially fit our entire collective lives into the back of his beat-up Toyota Tacoma.  We are ready to take on the world!  

And our journey starts by spending a few days away from one another in order to reconnect with ourselves and our families. We want to invest our time with those who can't make it to the wedding to thank each of you for helping to build this foundation that we are going to build from. We want to share some wine and hugs and laughs before we set off.

And we want to spend some quiet time alone - to reflect over the past year, to write our vows, and to set our clearest possible intentions for the life we are building together.

We will have many more stories to share, and we plan to include each of you in them.  Please join us, either through a call, an email, or a visit along our world-tour.  We are so excited to share this life with each other and with you!