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And it All Came Out

The impact of apples, boiled vegetables, gallons of salt water and aerobics (Candace)

Today ended our fast, and we woke up feeling pretty spry (we even got a little frisky at 5:30). We had gone three days with nothing but a couple of apples and some boiled vegetables, and we were ready for the “flushing session.” We had no idea what we were in for, but it sounded ominous.

So after morning meditation, tea, nasal cleansing and reflexology class, we were sent to the outside patio where two yoga mats were waiting for us. Annu had set up quite a pretty scene, with a small table, a pot of hot salt water, two cups, a plate with popcorn kernels, and two pretty potted plants.

She then explained that we would need to drink two full glasses of the hot salt water, then do a series of aerobic exercises meant to place pressure on our stomachs, all while breathing heavily. After completion of a round, we could remove one kernel from the plate and place it in front of us. Once 10 kernels were in our space, we were able to end the process. Sounds easy enough, right?


First, drinking hot salt water in the hot sun is not my idea of meditative bliss. We started sweating like pigs, and then our stomachs became so full. By the fifth round, both Andrew and I had puked salt water at least once, and were running back and forth to the bathroom. But once we “unlocked the key,” it all came out. Years of dried intestine pollutant. Right out with the salt water.

Ninety minutes later, we were all clear (at least the poop was), and lying in bed in exhaustion.

We sit here now with gurgling stomachs, and are counting the minutes until our next large pizza.

Be warned, kids. This ain’t for the weak of stomach.